Dare to Dream – There’s Still Time to Make a Bucket List!

Dare to Dream – There’s Still Time to Make a Bucket List!

(Before I begin, I want to thank Bufferin* for selecting me to join its “Bufferin Bucket List” initiative. If it weren’t for this initiative, I might not have taken the time to sit down and really think about my “bucket list”, let alone actually try to achieve the items on it! Now I’m really fired up!  I’ve also entered the Bufferin Bucket List Sweepstakes on Facebook and I hope you will too! More information at the end of this post.)

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In spite of the fact that everyone has been talking about “bucket lists”, including a movie devoted entirely to this concept, and we know it’s a good idea, it’s not always My Bucketeasy for some of us to dare to dream loudly enough to come up with our own list. Life has a way of interfering with dreaming if we let it, and dreaming is required for this assignment.

One cannot dare to dream if one cannot dare to hope and I know I am not alone in feeling gosh darn hopeless at times. By the time we reach fifty our life experiences, and traumas large and small, have accumulated to the point where we are less resilient, less able to get ourselves back up off the ground when we’re knocked down.  So, we don’t dream. We don’t want to be disappointed again. But dreaming, is exactly what we need to do to pry ourselves loose from our beaten down, fatalistic, and hopeless perspective.

Dreaming is something everyone can do. We just need the courage. It doesn’t take money, nor does it take significant time. In a matter of minutes one can create a scenario in one’s mind that just might end up changing one’s life. If nothing more, dreaming changes our state of mind and outlook.

When I decided at last to create my “bucket list”, I put on some soft serenity spa music that I found on Spotify. (I’ve discovered that this type of music is often played uninterrupted by the usual commercials when you are a non-paying member.) I closed my eyes, took several deep, slow breaths and just let go of my cares, little by little. Then, I directed my thoughts to this one question: If I could do, or experience anything, what would it be? Slowly, bit by bit, simple images began to emerge: the ocean, the rocky Maine coastline, a cottage on a bluff, fresh cool air, the smell of salt, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks…the first item on my bucket list was easy.

I would give anything for enough time in such a place to relax, write, walk on the beach, and just be. My practical mind immediately said okay, two weeks in a cottage on the Maine coast, but when I closed my eyes again I knew that two weeks was not enough time and I allowed myself to dream bigger…a month. That was a true act of courageous dreaming for me!

Each time we indulge our imaginations and dream, it becomes just a little bit easier to allow our dreams to expand, to ask what if? Maybe? Could I?  Because when it comes to dreams, anything is possible. Sometimes, I’ve noticed, dreaming is as good as reality in lifting my spirits, even if it never comes true. Sometimes it’s better. The truth is, dreams do come true, every day. When we give ourselves permission to listen to our dreams we step into the world of possibility.


Creating my own person “bucket” is a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible. Here’s how  I made mine:

Step One: Write down a few wishes you, or your family or friends, would like to accomplish on each clothes pin. (Learn how to play the piano, travel to Europe, etc.)

Step Two: Pin them around the bucket.

Step Three: Once you’ve accomplished each item take the pin down and throw it in the bucket. Once you do one item on your list you’ll be eager to do more!

I’d love to hear what’s on your list!  Let’s inspire each other! Don’t forget to enter the sweepstake. You might just be a winner and earn a little extra cash to help you obtain your dreams!

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Bufferin Bucket List Sweepstakes Details:

  • Bufferin Bucket List Sweepstakes will run from February 18 to March 14, 2014.
  • Entry is done via an official entry form, which includes a required field in which the entrants will need to enter their own personal “bucket list” item
  • Bufferin is giving away a $1,000 Amex Gift Card and a full-sized bottle of Bufferin to three (3) randomly selected entrants who share their bucket list items. Winners chosen February 28, March 7 and March 14
  • Winners announced on the Bufferin Facebook page along with their bucket list item(s)
  • Learn more at www.facebook.com/bufferin

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a full-sized bottle of Bufferin® Buffered Aspirin and the craft supplies for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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