We Start With Suffering, Then We Turn the Page

We Start With Suffering, Then We Turn the Page

Suffering is just the jumping off point. It is the kick in the butt to do something different. We hurt. It motivates us to look for ways to relieve our suffering. We don’t always choose the best fixes. Some are dead ends. Others, however, lead us to places we never imagined going. Surprises await us at every turn. Miracles are born. Veils are lifted. Our sorrow grows into purpose and a broadening of our perspective. We discover there is more buried within than we ever knew. This is the miracle of transformation.

Suffering to Transformation

Yesterday, I read a post by author/memoirist/blogger/writer/friend, contributor to Voices of Wisdom series, Kathy Pooler. The title captured my attention when it appeared on my Facebook page buried among the endless political posts and a reminders of the recent act of terrorism. Turning the Page: A Memoir Moment smacked of hope, at least for me.


Suffering turn page“Turn the page” became my mantra not all that long ago, when I was at a crisis point in my life. While listening to REO Speedwagon’s song Roll with the Changes on headphones, hoofing it on a health club treadmill, I decided to face my fears and do what I always wanted to do — write. It was time to make some serious changes in my life and each time I heard “So if you’re tired of the same old story, Oh, turn some pages”, I knew I had to accept things I didn’t want to accept and move forward. It was a call to loosen my grip, let the winds of fate take me somewhere unexpected and to risk the journey.

There are things in life we can not change. The past for one. Physical disabilities for another. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story.  In fact, it can be the very beginning of a new adventure. Kathy describes with depth of experience and understanding her journey to acceptance and it is more than clear to the reader how much richer her life will be because of it.

We have limitations. But, they need not break us or ruin our lives.  We may start with suffering, but we can end with transformation.


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11 Replies to “We Start With Suffering, Then We Turn the Page”

  1. Even though I am on a blog “fast” right now because of the death of my aunt and all the attendant concerns, I shared this on my Facebook friend. Kathy Pooler is a dear friend and she knows well whereof she speaks. Brava to you both.

  2. I too am proud to call myself Kathy’s friend. And Dorothy, the message you write here so eloquently is one I adopted twenty five years ago. Awareness, acceptance, change became my mantra (in that order). You’ve inspired me to write more about that decision.

    I love that you write about it as a decision, a point in your history, with particular stimuli pushing you on. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Janet. I do believe it is a choice, one that may be more obvious to some of us simply by the way life unfolded. To go beyond where we are in any given moment is an act of will.

  3. Oh, Dorothy , I am humbled and honored by your generous mention. Thank you! And thanks to Marian and Janet for such loving support and friendship. It feeds my soul. Your wise words about transformation through suffering resonate–the only way to the other side is through– and I’m proud to be a part of such a caring community which spreads love and hope. We all have our burdens but together we are stronger. I have your “Finding Hope” and love it. Thank you for all the ways you inspire and guide us.

  4. As always, Dorothy, you touch on lifetime challenges and why we should hope — and not be afraid to “turn the page.” Lovely post, Kathy Pooler. Much to consider here!

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